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Pixels: The Latest & Greatest 80’s Film

80swerethebest.com - Pixels MovieHey 80’s fans – long time no see. The other night I found myself at the movie theater watching previews before the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie started. One of the trailers that caught my eye is for an upcoming film this summer called “Pixels” staring Adam Sandler and Kevin James from SONY Pictures. From the clip it appears that its up to the aforementioned duo of Sandler and James to save the world from…you guessed it…80’s video games. Featuring a ton of guest appearances, the movie is a celebrity reunion if nothing else. If watching a giant Pac-Man terrorize New York City doesn’t strike fear in people’s hearts, nothing will. Not sure if this one was drawn up while a few people were “medically intoxicated” but should be a fun time.

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