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Reliving the 80s – Sweep the Leg (Karate Kid Parody)

Hey 80’s Fans – it’s been a minute since we last posted, but we’re back with a thriller. A friend of ours passed on the following video, and we found it too funny not to post. When someone asks you to name the top films of the 80’s, The Karate Kid has to be right up there. If you remember the 1984 film, Daniel (played by Ralph Macchio) learns Karate from his sensei, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) and ends up taking on the bad kid in school, Johnny (William Zabka). In the movie, Daniel ends up fighting Johnny in the community karate tournament, and as all good 80’s videos demonstrate, good conquers evil. About 20 years later, the band No More Kings takes the side of the antagonist with their video “Sweep the Leg”, and wonders what would have happened if Johnny won. The result is a hilarious throwback with a surprise ending. There is even a cameo from Johnny’s own sensei, Krease (played by Martin Kove). If you have never seen the video below, you are in for a retro treat!

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You’re the Best – Around!

I heard one of my favorite 80’s songs from one of my favorite 80’s movies this weekend. It is Joe Esposito – You’re the Best from the Karate Kid 1 movie. Remember this? I remember just wanting to jump in the ring with him and kick the bad kid’s head off. Too bad Mr. Miyagi died, he woulda been a cool drinking buddy….

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