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Your Favorite 1980’s Christmas Music

A Very Special Christmas : 80swerethebest.com

Imagine the following scene: waking up on a cold December morning, your Christmas tree is already lit, coffee starting to brew in your coffeemaker, and some of your favorite Christmas songs on your boombox or home stereo. No internet, no LCDs, no cell phones, just you (maybe your family) and the spirit of Christmas. Maybe you have a cassette like the one pictured playing, with the incredible voices of Sting, U2 and Stevie Nicks reliving some of your holiday favorites. To this end, we began to search the entire internet (well, maybe not theĀ entire internet) to compile a list of 1980’s Christmas songs. To that end, here is our 2014 version of 80swtb.com favorite Christmas & Holiday songs.

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FuseTV’s Top 89 Songs of the 1980s

80sWereTheBest.com - 89 of the Best 80s Songs Ever

Hey 80’s lovers! I know it’s been a few weeks since our last post, so wanted to find something really cool to get us back in the groove. Here at 80WTB.com we get tons of fan mail, tweets, comments about all things 80s. A friend of mine passed on an article from Fuse.tv, labeled 89 Best ’80s Songs, created in honor of Taylor Swift’s new upcoming record, 1989. Fuse – an internationally recognized media outlet – then went on to rank their top 89 songs (with Youtube videos when possible) of the best decade ever.

With this in mind, we wanted to know what your favorite songs from the 1980s were. Feel free to Tweet us at @80swerethebest, post your list on our Facebook Page, or just shoot us a comment below. Do it – do it right.

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Poll: Which was your Favorite Tom Cruise Movie of the 1980s?

Tom Cruise in Top Gun - 80sWereTheBest.com
Top Gun. Cocktail. Risky Business.

So many great Tom Cruise movies of the 80’s. Yet only one of them can be your favorite. In this month’s poll, we ask you the reader, what your favorite Cruise flick from the 1980s was. Vote early and vote righteous, the fate of the Cruisosphere is in your hands. If your favorite was not one of the top listed, click other. If you want to name your favorite, feel free to add it to the comments below. It’s all up to you.So, retromaniphile, which was your favorite Tom Cruise movie of the 1980s?

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Which States Love the 80’s the Most

Which States Love the 80s the Most? - 80swerethebest.com

Ever wonder which states had the most “retromania”? Yeah, so did we. A follow on Twitter passed us a link to an article written by estately.com, the online estate shopping website. The post, labeled “Which U.S. States Most Love the 1980’s?” , mined data from Facebook to understand which states had the highest sentiments towards 80’s singers, concepts, and movies. The conclusion? People in Kentucky love the 80’s, while Hawaii loathes it. Interestingly enough, love for the greatest decade ever was concentrated in the Midwest & Appalachian states, and more or less disdain for the 80’s was proportional to how far west one lived. Yet what about more than overall apathy for the decade?

Estately also compiled heatmaps of preference to 4 of the top singers (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Van Halen) during the 80’s as well, and again a noticeable correlation arose:

80's Music Preferences - 80swerethebest.com

The King of Pop conquered the northeast, the Voice took home the south, the Material girl won the west, and Eddie claimed the rest. It is important to remember that this was not a survey or study, rather data exploration based on user defined preferences within Facebook.

Turns out that even though we vary on how much and which singers, movies, and entertainers were the greatest, everyone could agree that truly the 80’s were the best.

Read the full article here: http://blog.estately.com/2014/09/which-u-s-states-most-love-the-1980s/

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Vans Goes Totally 80s with Star Wars Skating Movie

The popular shoe designer/maker Vans Inc recently put out its own Hollywood-esque mini film about skateboarding in the ’80s. With the help of the loveable wookie Chewbaca, the crowd is treated to one of the best performances on 4 wheels, only to find his run received a low score by one of the judges. Tons of hollering (yelling?) and Star Wars comedy ensues. An awesome PR tactic to spread the word about the Vans x Star Wars collection sneakers, now available.

Click here to view the entire line and yourself a pair. May the force with you!

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