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Dining in the 80’s – Unbelievable Deals

Family dining together in the 1980s - 80swerethebest.comI was reading an article last night from the Buffalo News – my hometown newspaper – titled “March 23, 1985: Where did WNY families dine in the mid-1980s?“. The premise of the article is exactly what you would imagine; detailing some area restaurants that advertised in the newspaper 30 years ago and the deals they offered. Looking back at the prices (inflation rate at about 2.1x in that span), a family of 4 in Buffalo could go out to eat for $20-25 quite well. This represents $42-50 in today’s dollars, which I think would be very hard to do with tax & tip. Imagine going out to your favorite restaurant with 2 kids and not shelling out $60+ (excluding fast food).

One of the best things about dining in the 1980s was there was still a “family-centric” approach to eating and marketing, which can be seen from the deals below. No longer the case today, where it is a “self-centric” marketing approach. This can easily be seen from the writing in the advertisements, and even TV commercials back then: http://www.retrojunk.com/commercial-index/category/1/5#1980

Here are just some of the deals highlighted in the article:

Harvest House
Buffalo Dining 80s - Image 1 - 80swerethebest.com

Grandma’s Pancakes
Buffalo Dining 80s - Image 2 - 80swerethebest.com
Ground Round

Buffalo Dining 80s - Image 3 - 80swerethebest.com

Now that is what I call some unbeatable, unbelievable deals!

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