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Daughters Borrow Their Mothers’ 80s Hairstyles

80shairdoosHappy New Year 80s lovers! We’re back for another year, with tidbits, news, notes, and everything all about the best decade ever! One of our Twitter followers alerted us to a cool experiment that BuzzFeed Yellow, the hip media company, conducted early last year. The website asked several moms to share pictures of how they looked in the 1980s, and wanted to see their daughters’ reactions. Want to know how each viewed the big hair days of the 80s? Read on.

Initially each daughter had some apprehension to the style their mother used in her heyday, but most eventually warmed up, and each¬†went as far as to trying to duplicate it. With the help of professional hairstylists, the daughters were given an “80s makeover” and revealed the change to their moms. The result was hilarious, candid¬†reactions, giving all of the ladies a greater appreciation for 80s hairstyles. Watch the video for the full experiment below. Do you remember your favorite hairdoo?

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