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We Really Are Living in the 80s!

Charlie Sheen - Wall Street
Something that we’ve long said on this site – the 80’s were not then, but more of NOW. A recent article I read in DC completed a full study on the similarities we share now in the 2000’s and 2010’s with the 80’s. Definitely worth the read. Here are some excerpts from the full Washington Post Article :

…the 1980s are our very own Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game: Everything defining today’s politics seems connected to that decade…

…In the 1980s, children didn’t see “E.T.” just in a movie theater — we saw that anti-government parable about kids fleeing faceless, jack-booted federal agents in our Atari cassettes, Happy Meals, board games, action-figure sets and Reese’s Pieces wrappers…

…History may not have ended, but we are stuck in a loop, our Walkmen endlessly rewinding and restarting the soundtrack to a movie we’ve seen too many times. It’s time to turn it off — or at least to recognize that it’s still playing…

What are your thoughts??

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80s Were the Best, Nap Time and All

This proves that all good things came from the 80s. Sleep scientist David Dinges helped found the modern science of napping in the early ’80s at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. “Short periods of sleep have been shown to improve alertness, memory, motor skills, decision making, and mood. All while cutting down on stress, carelessness, and even heart disease.” Bottomline? Get your ZZZZZs. Check out Business Week’s latest article on sleep and productivity.

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LA Times Highlights ’80s Fashion Icons

The New York, Milan, and Paris fashion shows were chock full of nostalgia. The Los Angeles Times Image section took a look at fashion icons from the 1980s and decided that many of these looks ‘could, like, totally work today.’

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