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Your Favorite 1980’s Christmas Music

A Very Special Christmas : 80swerethebest.com

Imagine the following scene: waking up on a cold December morning, your Christmas tree is already lit, coffee starting to brew in your coffeemaker, and some of your favorite Christmas songs on your boombox or home stereo. No internet, no LCDs, no cell phones, just you (maybe your family) and the spirit of Christmas. Maybe you have a cassette like the one pictured playing, with the incredible voices of Sting, U2 and Stevie Nicks reliving some of your holiday favorites. To this end, we began to search the entire internet (well, maybe not theĀ entire internet) to compile a list of 1980’s Christmas songs. To that end, here is our 2014 version of 80swtb.com favorite Christmas & Holiday songs.

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