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Reliving the 80s – Sweep the Leg (Karate Kid Parody)

Hey 80’s Fans – it’s been a minute since we last posted, but we’re back with a thriller. A friend of ours passed on the following video, and we found it too funny not to post. When someone asks you to name the top films of the 80’s, The Karate Kid has to be right up there. If you remember the 1984 film, Daniel (played by Ralph Macchio) learns Karate from his sensei, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) and ends up taking on the bad kid in school, Johnny (William Zabka). In the movie, Daniel ends up fighting Johnny in the community karate tournament, and as all good 80’s videos demonstrate, good conquers evil. About 20 years later, the band No More Kings takes the side of the antagonist with their video “Sweep the Leg”, and wonders what would have happened if Johnny won. The result is a hilarious throwback with a surprise ending. There is even a cameo from Johnny’s own sensei, Krease (played by Martin Kove). If you have never seen the video below, you are in for a retro treat!

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RIP David Bowie – Music Legend Dead at 69

Singer, songwriter, actor, pop culture icon… David Bowie lost his 18-month battle with cancer on January 10, 2016. For more than four decades, including the best¬†decade, Bowie sold more than 130 million records. Perhaps our most favorite David Bowie moments are that of his his role of Jareth the Goblin King in the 1986 Jim Henson fantasy cult film “Labyrinth” and his performance of the song “Magic Dance.” Share your favorite Bowie moment in the comments section.

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Daughters Borrow Their Mothers’ 80s Hairstyles

80shairdoosHappy New Year 80s lovers! We’re back for another year, with tidbits, news, notes, and everything all about the best decade ever! One of our Twitter followers alerted us to a cool experiment that BuzzFeed Yellow, the hip media company, conducted early last year. The website asked several moms to share pictures of how they looked in the 1980s, and wanted to see their daughters’ reactions. Want to know how each viewed the big hair days of the 80s? Read on.

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Pixels: The Latest & Greatest 80’s Film

80swerethebest.com - Pixels MovieHey 80’s fans – long time no see. The other night I found myself at the movie theater watching previews before the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie started. One of the trailers that caught my eye is for an upcoming film this summer called “Pixels” staring Adam Sandler and Kevin James from SONY Pictures. From the clip it appears that its up to the aforementioned duo of Sandler and James to save the world from…you guessed it…80’s video games. Featuring a ton of guest appearances, the movie is a celebrity reunion if nothing else. If watching a giant Pac-Man terrorize New York City doesn’t strike fear in people’s hearts, nothing will. Not sure if this one was drawn up while a few people were “medically intoxicated” but should be a fun time.

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Dining in the 80’s – Unbelievable Deals

Family dining together in the 1980s - 80swerethebest.comI was reading an article last night from the Buffalo News – my hometown newspaper –¬†titled “March 23, 1985: Where did WNY families dine in the mid-1980s?“. The premise of the article is exactly what you would imagine; detailing some area restaurants that advertised in the newspaper 30 years ago and the deals they offered. Looking back at the prices (inflation rate at about 2.1x in that span), a family of 4 in Buffalo could go out to eat for $20-25 quite well. This represents $42-50 in today’s dollars, which I think would be very hard to do with tax & tip. Imagine going out to your favorite restaurant with 2 kids and not shelling out $60+ (excluding fast food).

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